Viser innlegg fra desember, 2015

My 2015 cosplay shenanigans

Another year and a ton of new costumes. This posts is more a a yearly diary for me to help me remember what I did and to see how much I develop over the years. If you are interested you can see sum up for 2014and 2013 here :)

And what a year, several of my costumes are made just as a makeup or a closet cosplay, but they still give me alot of joy so I include them here. 

So let's take a closer look at these costumes :)

I got a challenge to do a 1920 Flapper look and got very excited by the idea. 

I was also lucky to get to take part in a promotional event for PlayStation Norway with a Steampunk outfit for The Order 1886

And even cooler was a commission I did for Noroff regarding an advertisement gig they had in April, featuring a Wow Frostfire Regalia made by me. 
photo: Sigve Aspelund/Tinagent
Qunari from Dragon Age Inquisition was made just because me sister made an awesome elf makeup. 
photo: Rojano Photo
I love group cosplay and made Shock from The Nightmare Before Christmas
photo: Rojan…

Red from Transistor - The wig

Styling a wig is a science and no question it takes practice. Just trying to figure out which wig to buy I leaned on more experienced cosplayers and followed their advice. 

I ended up with a Mathilda wig from Arda in Crimson. This was a deep red and sophisticated color. I also ordered extra wefts for my ventilation experiment. This wig already have a lace front, but I wanted to add a bit my self for three reasons

The machine made hairline was a little too tidy, I needed to make it more random to make it look more realistic.My forehead is tiny and I had to lower the hairlineI wanted to learn something new (and mention to the judges that I could master this)

How to ventilate
It means tying one and one hair strand to the lace of the wig. Here's Arda's own tutorial for the method.

Then it was time for the trim, making sure I had both sharp scissors and thinning shears at hand I asked my sister to assist so I made sure the neck got trimmed to the right length (the Styrofoam head is a bi…

Red from Transistor - Sum up of all the parts

Since I was spending so much time and effort on each of the parts for this costume I ended up with quite a bunch of somewhat long tutorials. This is an overview of my finished cosplay and links to all the parts that created it (for easier navigation). Maybe it can help you solve a similar problem. 

The most iconic part of the transistor cosplay is of course the Transistor. My main problem was I had to make mine dividable in three parts to be able to bring it on a plane. 

Beside the sword this jacket is the part I'm most proud of. I have never sewed anything like this before and the details turned out beautiful.
Photo: Artflower Fotografie
The dress was actually really hard to make. How on earth can you control fabric to act like this.

I love sewing corsets, I have tried to include even more details of how I sewed this one, like how to hide the lacing. 

These were actually easy enough to sew <3

This was a totally new technique and I loved learning it.…

Red from Transistor - The Stockings and shoes

You might think stockings can be bought, well yes, but they can also be tailored to your feet, which I really wanted to do. Red has Thigh high "grey ish" stockings which I will attempt to sew. 

I was lucky and  found this amazing pattern online, by the Dreamstress, which would be perfect. She has also written a more detailed tutorial for how to sew it, so check it out. 

My fabric with two way stretch. 

The foot assembled

Formfitting the stockings to each foot. 

So far so good. 

I even got two of them

Darts matching up.

Then I was thinking, thigh high stockings like these often slouch after just a few minutes. Therefor I sewed them to a pair of dance thighs. I have seen several people use this method to make stay ups actually stay up, here's a tutorial by geekxgirls ;)

Oh lala
The shoes The shoes are merely altered, though I let the heel stay on. In game she breaks the heel off as she rips her dress - Gotta love this practical heroine ;) The same yellow satin fabric used for the dres…