torsdag 31. desember 2015

Red from Transistor - The wig

Styling a wig is a science and no question it takes practice. Just trying to figure out which wig to buy I leaned on more experienced cosplayers and followed their advice. 

I ended up with a Mathilda wig from Arda in Crimson. This was a deep red and sophisticated color. I also ordered extra wefts for my ventilation experiment. This wig already have a lace front, but I wanted to add a bit my self for three reasons

  1. The machine made hairline was a little too tidy, I needed to make it more random to make it look more realistic.
  2. My forehead is tiny and I had to lower the hairline
  3. I wanted to learn something new (and mention to the judges that I could master this)

How to ventilate
It means tying one and one hair strand to the lace of the wig. Here's Arda's own tutorial for the method.

Then it was time for the trim, making sure I had both sharp scissors and thinning shears at hand I asked my sister to assist so I made sure the neck got trimmed to the right length (the Styrofoam head is a bit small)

Then we are ready for styling, using a curling iron and hairspray blasted with cool air from a hairdryer I made the curls stay in place. 

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