Viser innlegg fra 2013

Looking back at 2013 - My year in cosplay

Thank you for a fantastic year, your comments and questions have made it very interesting and fun for me. I have done so much this year and learned even more.

I got to know a lot of new wonderful people and spent more money than I want to admit on wigs, fabric and paint. So let me sum up 2013 with the costumes I have made, and gosh I have been busy!

I have to start off with Vi, the idea came to me late January and it took about four months to make
Photo by Pål Andresen
Then another two months to improveit before NCC.
Photo by: Joacim Schwartz
I even made a backup costume as Vanellope von Schweetz this spring, I love Wreck it Ralph. I don't really look like 6 year old, but I like candy. Note to self, get a better photo of this costume

Then I followed up with making my first elvish costume, the Wood elf. And I felt really beautiful :)
Photo by: Nils Katla Photagraphy
And I even made a cosplay that is not from a game, Codex from the Guild. I made it mainly because I wanted that staff. 

And I…

Piltover Christmas

Tine and I wanted to make some holiday inspired photos as Caitlyn and Vi. So we ended up with a couple of christmas cards for you. 

It is obvious that Tine is a model and I am not ;)
Photographer - "Look angry"  Me - "Grrr"  Photographer - "No, you just look grumpy"

Merry Chrixtmas


Care for a spot of tea? Yes, actually that would be nice (don't tell Cailtlyn)
Bah! That Jinx!

Merry Chrixtmas

I love Christmas, or julas we say in Norway. And this year I got the best present, my sister got home from Australia one month before she had led us to believe. Truly the best Christmas gift ever :D Now we get to plan many, many more cosplays together.
Sometimes we have snow, sometimes it melts. I love the snow, it is so bright and quiet. This year we have a rainstorm :( So I have play a bit Skyrim this morning to find any snow at all.
IIZ SLEN NUZ Traditions
I love this holiday and my family traditions. Every year on the morning of the 24th we watch the Czeck/east German movie from 1973 - Three nuts to Cinderella. And the Norwegian version is dubbed by one man, Knut Risan. And I mean one man, he does all the voices, with the czech as backnoise. It is kinda sweet and it is tradition, so no point even trying to change it now.
 Cinderella and the Prince The stepsister Dora and the stepmomther
And the food. 
Traditional Norwegian Christmas food is either "Ribbe" roasted pork side (like…

Codex from the Guild Cosplay

OMG Codex. I love codex and Felicia Day, but since so many others have cosplayed her I wasn't sure if I wanted to. But I could at least build the staff - and so I did - but how could I stop with just the staff. After all I already had red hair (at that time). 

I have made corsets before, so I started with this part. But this pattern was made by me taping my abdominal region and drawing on where I wanted the seems to go and the cutting out the separate pieces. Please be careful if you intend to use this method, it can hurt if you tape directly on your skin. 

If not you can use this tutorial to make an underbust corset pattern.
Fabric was cut into shape 

And sewn together with two vertical pockets for the bonnet on either side of each seam. For bonnet you can use el strips. 

The edges were lined with gold ribbon

In the middle of the corset there is a section of white fabric

And the plastic rubies were sewn on the front (these are bought at Saab Tekstil in Oslo).

The head band.
I just bought …