Viser innlegg fra april, 2013

Vi Legue of Legends cosplay

I just entered the cosplay contest at Banzaicon 4 in Larvik and I actually won first prize, omg I'm still on cloud nine. And I get to be one of four representing Norway in the Nordic Cosplay Championship in July. And my cosplay: Vi from League of Legends. She is a bad ass character and it was really fun cosplaying her.

See this post for how I made the hands

Vi and Caitlyn cosplay So until I get some wip photos out I will post some pictures from the Vi and Caitlyn photoshoot with my awesome friend Tine Marie Riis as Caitlyn. 
Piltover's finest Photo by: Chris Morstad
Who needs a hug... Photo by: Chris Morstad
Come on, bump it! Photo by: Sophie Karine Riis
Nice shot, cupcake! Photo by: Chris Morstad
"I not doing anything...^^" Photo by: Chris Morstad
I will do an update of this cosplay, and an upgrade later on. And a lot more photos I guess. But as always, ask if you have any questions.

Elvish staff

I was going to Desucon:Fantasy and realized I did not have the time to finish my Codex cosplay. With two days until the con and about 8 hours of spare time, I challenged myself to make an elvish costume with the time I had at hand. So here is a simple tutorial for the staff I made.

Also I have made another staff, the staff of Kraken with tutorial here.
Photo by: Nils Katla Photography
I started with a hollow card board pipe (the core of a roll of paper table cloth actually - so in other word a really long toilet paper core)
Then I glued on strips of foam (the cheapest kind from Biltema) For the "branches" that are sticking out on the top I used steel wire to stiffen the shape. For the thinner details (hoops) I used a couple of electrical wire stumps. 
I wanted a glowing orb on the top of my staff and found a transparent rubber ball at TGR in Oslo
Then I added paper clay (from Clas Ohlson) around the foam. For the wood grain details I used a blunt pencil and pressed in some lines a…