lørdag 30. april 2016

Fallout Vault Dweller cosplay

When you can design your own character in game, you get plenty of opportunities to reuse your cosplay with different looks. 

I have already posted a few photos of my bad ass wastelander with shaved head ;)

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo by Zarsu.dk

Photo: Katrix Media Site, edit by Jellycide
 Photo: Rojano Photo

 Photo: Rojano Photo. Here I'm lucky enough to pose together with Kamui Cosplay

Even added a small tutorial on how to create the shaved hairstyle

The Retro pinup

But I have also made another style, which was more true to my very first character creation in Fallout 3, the cute platinum blonde curly hair. This character ended up loosing a foot though. That happens. But I loved the idea of adding a bandanna to the hair, to make it a bit more rebellious in real life. 

I even made a makeup video for this :)

Hoping to post more photos of this pin up look later. 

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