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My 2015 cosplay shenanigans

Another year and a ton of new costumes. This posts is more a a yearly diary for me to help me remember what I did and to see how much I develop over the years. If you are interested you can see sum up for 2014 and 2013 here :)

And what a year, several of my costumes are made just as a makeup or a closet cosplay, but they still give me alot of joy so I include them here. 

So let's take a closer look at these costumes :)

I got a challenge to do a 1920 Flapper look and got very excited by the idea. 

I was also lucky to get to take part in a promotional event for PlayStation Norway with a Steampunk outfit for The Order 1886

And even cooler was a commission I did for Noroff regarding an advertisement gig they had in April, featuring a Wow Frostfire Regalia made by me. 
photo: Sigve Aspelund/Tinagent

Qunari from Dragon Age Inquisition was made just because me sister made an awesome elf makeup. 
photo: Rojano Photo

I love group cosplay and made Shock from The Nightmare Before Christmas 
photo: Rojano Photo

Because I already had the Kraken staff and had only used it one time before I felt I needed to make a sort of Steampunk Sea Mage as an excuse to use it again. (also really fun to look pretty some times)

photo: Rojano Photo

I love Twi'leks, but their costumes can be a bit time consuming to make. But for May the 4th I made a closet cosplay of Cesi Eirriss, thinking the makeup would take 30 minutes... it did not. 

photo: Håvard Staub Nyhus

My sister was going as Tony Stark for the new Avengers movie, so I had to follow up with a closet cosplay of Black widow, I already had the hair in place ;)

One of my more different events this year was being invited as a cosplay guest to the Red Room Ball, a fetish event. The people I met were beyond amazing and I dressed up as a Ringmaster for the party. 

Another movie premiere, another closet cosplay, Mad Max apocalypric warrior

One of this years big projects were Mercy from Overwatch and I must say I learned a lot!

photo: Håvard Staub Nyhus

I was asked to make a costume for a small music video project for a school in Oslo, but suddenly they ditched the scene including my costume in the last minute. So I kept it myself and went out drinking looking like Cleopatra.

I love everything with Alice in wonderland and this was my take on the Red Queen
hoto: Håvard Staub Nyhus

I fell so much in love the the new Mad Max movie and ended up doing another group cosplay as warboy Slit. Most fun ever!

hoto: Håvard Staub Nyhus

And in an instagram closet cosplay challenge it was suggested I should make Furiosa also. All the Mad Max Love. 

The Fallout 3 Vault Dweller was this years "work on it only when I feel like it cosplay" which ended up me actually spending a full year and I still haven't any decent photos. 

One of the events I went to, Torucon, had pirates as their theme. I knew there would be a lot of Dragon Age cosplayers there, so I threw together a Isabela cosplay and I got really satisfied with the result. 
photo: Danarki Photo

And then we have this years most demanding and loved cosplay Red from Transistor. So many details and I pushed myself to make the best I ever could <3

The Little Sister cosplay was also one of these cosplays I had most of the parts done, but no deadline to finish. So when my sister made her incredible Big Daddy I hurried up and joined her for debut at Spillexpo. 

photo: Katrix Media Site

Halloween is always a fun opportunity to showcase a makeup or costume around people who  don't dress up as often as I do, and even with several ideas running through my head I had to go for the Succubus year. I think I have to make several more looks for the season next year. 

As a part of my recycle project I like to both recycle parts of my costumes and also upgrading costumes I already have. So here are a few extra entries. 

And looking back to the list of cosplays I wanted to make last January I happy to see that I managed to finish several of them. The rest might follow over to 2016 plans maybe :D

Liara - Check
photo: Heresetai

Dovahkiin third update

Photo by Danarki


Update on my Demon Hunter (made hood and some thigh armor that are slightly easier to walk in)

Photo by Danarki

Other adventures
I took part in a few different projects too, some personal and some really awesome cooperation's :D

  • I got to make a PS4 modification for PlayStation Norway together with Karin Olava
  • I made some Fallout 3 Easter eggs that I ended up looking really cool and that I gave to you guys ;)
  • For my birthday I made a Portal cake
  • I got to be part of two photo shoots for the upcoming cosplay photo book project 
  • Nominated for "Best International Cosplayer" by The Arcade for Arcade Awards 2015
  • I have taken part in a Norwegian documentary about cosplay (among other things) that will be aired mid 2016.
  • I participated in EuroCosplay representing Norway :D <3 <3 And getting 7th place!
  • And was "Christmas Calendar girl" number seven during this years cosplay showcase over at Cosplay Norway

I had so much fun and can't wait to start with new projects next year. As one last treat for you, this is a photo of me, my sister and my brother from Christmas eve, where we all dressed up as the brother ;)

Happy New Years!

Love from Chrix

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