mandag 16. desember 2013

Codex from the Guild Cosplay

OMG Codex. I love codex and Felicia Day, but since so many others have cosplayed her I wasn't sure if I wanted to. But I could at least build the staff - and so I did - but how could I stop with just the staff. After all I already had red hair (at that time). 

I have made corsets before, so I started with this part. But this pattern was made by me taping my abdominal region and drawing on where I wanted the seems to go and the cutting out the separate pieces. Please be careful if you intend to use this method, it can hurt if you tape directly on your skin. 

If not you can use this tutorial to make an underbust corset pattern. 

Fabric was cut into shape 

And sewn together with two vertical pockets for the bonnet on either side of each seam. For bonnet you can use el strips. 

The edges were lined with gold ribbon

In the middle of the corset there is a section of white fabric

And the plastic rubies were sewn on the front (these are bought at Saab Tekstil in Oslo).

The head band.
I just bought golden rings and red rubies and glued with contact glue (hot glue gun will not work) on to a golden head band. 

Test on my messy hair. 

The arm guards are made from a single piece of fabric with gold trimmings and golden grommets. 

The dress
Plainly said, I took white fabric and sew it over a bikini top. And Since her dress has pointy shoulders I added card board to stiffen them up. 

Added a gold ribbon along the edges and red rubies for details.  Most of the top is covered by the corset a. For the skirt I was lazy and just used a skirt I already had lying around. 

The back

Too bad My shoes didn't get finished. 

And here you have it, cospaly just for the fun of it :)

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