lørdag 7. desember 2013

Cosplay celebrity at Gamex 2013

So I got invited to Gamex by Bioware this year too, but this time as their cosplay guest together with Karin OlavaAnd if possible this experience was even better than last year.
Bioware schedule at Gamex - Notice your truly mentioned at the autograph signing. This was so awesome. 

This was also why I managed to finish my Morrigan costume in just two weeks (help when you know you are going to meet your heroes).
Costume check at out hotel room. Looks like two very flat people laying on our beds. 

Day 1: We got to be on stage before the showing of the European premiere Dragon Age gameplay trailer, I even got presented to the audience as Morrigan, epic! And Bioware know how to appeal to their fan base, the main stage was filled to the brim (and then some) with people wanting to see their presentation. Community manager Lion Martinez gave a really good presentation. 
Photage by PoweGamer

On Day 2 we were part of their cosplay stunt this year, getting to sign giveaways. Incredible experience, I got to sit there for 45 minutes and talk about Dragon Age with so many fans. One guy even brought the covers for his older DA games for us to sign. 
The line of amazing people I got to talk to.

The backside of the give away card we were signing. I wrote different thing depending on what I talked to the fans about, like "Morrigan approves" (if the like the DA or ME) 

The signing is about to begin. 

We also got interviewed by PowerGamer where they wanted to know a bit more about our costumes and how to get into cosplay in general. Take a look. 

This was an amazing experience for me, I would not have dreamed of experiencing something like this, but it did, and I'm Mega Happy. Now I need to get hold of some Mass Effect 4 concept art, and we are on again. 

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