tirsdag 24. desember 2013

Merry Chrixtmas

I love Christmas, or jul as we say in Norway. And this year I got the best present, my sister got home from Australia one month before she had led us to believe. Truly the best Christmas gift ever :D Now we get to plan many, many more cosplays together.

Sometimes we have snow, sometimes it melts. I love the snow, it is so bright and quiet. This year we have a rainstorm :( So I have play a bit Skyrim this morning to find any snow at all.
I love this holiday and my family traditions. Every year on the morning of the 24th we watch the Czeck/east German movie from 1973 - Three nuts to Cinderella. And the Norwegian version is dubbed by one man, Knut Risan. And I mean one man, he does all the voices, with the czech as backnoise. It is kinda sweet and it is tradition, so no point even trying to change it now.
 Cinderella and the Prince
The stepsister Dora and the stepmomther

And the food. 

Traditional Norwegian Christmas food is either "Ribbe" roasted pork side (like a huge piece of bacon) or "pinnekjøtt" which is salted sheep meat steamed on branches. I don't like neither and luckily my familiy prefer Turkey. Although not as sweet as the American style, I think ours is more salty. And brussel sprouts, I love brussel sprouts. 
I was blond once, but not now (like red or black better) 

Christmas Cards
This year I have written a record amount of cards, not many per say, but many for me. After tweeting about writing them, I got requests to send to followers at twitter. And why not, that's just fun. Handwritten cards is a dying tradition in Norway, but I did my part. 

Merry Christmas from Piltover
And I even made some Christmas cards together with Tine Marie Riis, Holiday style Caitlyn and Vi. 

We also have a tradition called "julebukk", similar to Halloween. Children dress up and go to houses and sing in return for candy. Here is the Deer makeup I did earlier in December, but no "julebukk" for me, I'm too old. 
Merry christmas

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