søndag 15. desember 2013

Couture deer makeup

The Deer makeup have to be this seasons most popular look. I have seen several versions on the Internet these last days, but the one who caught my eye already in May (yes, I have been planning to do this makeup for half a year) was one from pinterest made by cheapfrillsandthills. She has also made a video tutorial for how to get this look. 

But I'm no fan of the "harsh outlined over sized eyes", they do not look good on me. I also did't like the harsh lines on the nose. So here are a few steps on how I made my look, including how I made my horns. 

My way
I still wanted large eyes, so I put in my 14 mm black circle lenses. And with a sponge I add white creme makeup a long my nose and around my eyes and forehead. 

I outlined my eyes with black eye liner and sealed the white creme makeup with white eyeshadow. 

Then I took an orange creme makeup on my cheeks and forehead, and covered it again with bronzer and golden highlights. 

Then with a q-tip dipped in white creme makeup I added the dots. Here I have also contoured under my cheeks. 

The nose got contoured with brown eye shadow and the brows are defined. With black water based makeup I painted the tip of the nose black. And last I took a brown eye liner and defined my lips. 

One more detail, add super long eye lashes. 

Then it is time for the horns

How did I make the horns? Very fast I tell you. Card board stencils.

Wrapped in tin foil

Covered in masking tape

Which again was covered in papermache and glue

And detailed with the hot glue gun

Place them on a headband 

Paint them light brown with a darker wash, add folded faux leather as ears and twine a red ribbon around. 

Merry Chrixmas ;)

couture deer

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  1. Wow I love this! You are realy good With you're make up, and Ide'as ^.^

    1. Thank you so much ^_^ It is so fun to completely reshape your face with makeup. Happy Holidays

  2. Thanks for the makeup tips - worked great for a party!