mandag 2. desember 2013

Death Elf - Pauldrons

I decided that my Death Elf needs pauldrons and I bought a four-pack of skulls, one for the staff, two for the shoulders and one just looking creepy in my appartment.  

And I want to show you that you don't always have to use Worbla to make armor. 

I need a base to start with, and make two shells out of paper mache (news paper and glue/water) over a balloon. When it is dry I have my base.

I reinforce them with gaffa tape.

They are a bit small, but that can be altered throughout the build process. So I start to cover them up with strips of black faux leather. No need to be picky with the top area, that will be covered by the skulls any ways.

Then I cut the skulls into shape and glue them on top using hot glue. We will secure them better after wards.

Then I added a bit of faux fur along the edge, added some rivets (same as with Morrigan)

The skulls looked really cheap with the currents paint job, so l painted it white using acrylic paint.

Before and after weathering. The paint job really makes the difference. And more fur :)

Detailing: adding ribbons around the skull (which also secures it better).
Test fit

I'm still not sure if I will make a cape with this costume, so in case I don't I wanted to do something extra out of the harness on the back. The ring is from an old curtain rod somebody wanted to throw out.

And the "leather straps" are just faux leather doubled over and glued with double sided tape (no sewing). Fold it around the ring and attach. I used a mix of hot glue and "brads to holde them together, same as with my Elvish pauldrons

The smaller ones are called brads and the larger are just furniture nails. 

Test fit again

My idea is to attach the pauldrons directly to the top I'll be wearing with the costumes. 

A little more details and blood spatter. 

And my theme is runes – old magical Norse symbols. I have written “Chrix Design” along the edge.

And they are done. 

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  1. I just want to know, how did you attach the harness to your top in the end?