mandag 20. april 2015

Cardboard props - Crossbow

Before I made the Demon Hunter cosplay I made a test crossbow out of cardboard to get to know the design. Which I again could use with my Dragon Warrior. 

I started with some cardboard and foam. 

To even out the shape I covered it all in tin foil. 

Then it is time for cardboard again. Layers folded around the base. 

The skull ornament is made from paper clay. Same goes for the tips of the bow. 

Foam and tape makes the handle and the core of my tin foil roll makes out the shaft. (I later shortened the handle as it looked too much like an umbrella handle)

The shaft was also covered with cardboard scales. And I had to add a few LED for the eyes and mouth. 

Next up painting and detailing. The arrow is made out of a chopstick, the head out of cardboard. Feathers were glued to the end of the arrow :)

The entire bow was painted metallic grey and weathered using dark acrylic paint. The string is only and elastic band.

The handle is foam with cardboard for support, then covered in faux leather. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, so cool! :O
    Wouldn't have thought that you used those materials! It looks so rad!!
    Thanks for this tutorial, now I have some ideas of how to make a crossbow for some future cosplays! :D

    1. Awesome and good luck on future crossbows

  2. Your crossbow looks great! I'm always super impressed by people who use simple materials for props.

    1. Starting to see that using cardboard is "my thing" ;)