lørdag 4. april 2015

Pip Boy Easter Egg (Fallout style)

After getting very good feedback on my Pip Boy 3000 prop I got very inspired and made three Easter Eggs in a Fallout style. My tradition is that I every year take a plain Easter Egg and add a flare of geek to it. 

To make the tutorials easier to navigate between I have divided the egg tutorials in three. This is the tutorial for how the Pip Boy Style egg was made, take a look here for how the  Radioactive barrel and Reactor one was made. 

A plain egg is needed. 

I quickly drew on where the details were going to be. 

I actually had a printed Pip Boy screen and took the transparent plastic from a sushi tray to use a glass ;) (high five for using trash).

Then I cut out my shape (freehand style) in foam (1 cm)

Testing with the "screen". 

With hot glue I glued on the foam to the egg, after which I added edges and details with 1 mm craft foam. 

More foam details. 

To made the "interface" of the egg smoother and more durable I added cardboard. 

And even more foam details. Since I already had made one Pip Boy I could use that as a reference. But just bring up any photo of a Pip Boy and work on adding details in layers :)

With a Stanley knife I cut though the foam and divided the egg. I also added a few real screws to the egg to bring a tad more realism to it ;)

Since foam is porous I primed every thing with two layers of wood glue before painting. This makes the surface smoother and fill in gaps. After that it spray painted it silver (remember to use respiratory protection and work in a well ventilated area when using spray paint) 

To bring it to life I used a technique called weathering, which means smear on watered out acrylic paint and then wipe most of it off. The left over paint will set inn all the little nook and cracks.  

Working on small sections at a time, I don't want the paint to dry before I get to wipe it off. 

"Smear on"

"Smear off"

This is the difference between freshly painted and "weathered". 

The finished egg. 

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