tirsdag 7. april 2015

Reactor Easter egg (Fallout style)

The last of the egg tutorials are here, while here are the one for the pip boy and the radioactive barrel

Since the eggs are kinda a tradition for me, I have made others during past holidays like zerg, pylon and Dragon eggs

But back to this tutorial. As you might have guessed we will again start with a plain egg. 

All I knew before starting was that I wanted a green "manhole" that would glow. To get the green look even with the lights turned off, I lined the "glass" with green cellophane. 

With foam I build up the round shape

Cardboard is used to get a plane, smooth surface and for the glass I used transparent plastic from a sushi "take away" tray. 

Even more green is added. In case you should see though the cellophane I painted part of the egg green. 

Clay was used to build up the manhole and to make it follow the curved shape of the egg. 

And then more foam was used to even out the edges ans surfaces. 

On the back I built a vent with thin foam (and only used a glue gun)

Foam tubes and more craft foam details make out the back of the egg. Real skrews were added to the from of the manhole to bring in a more realism ;) Begore paint the entire egg was covered with two layers of wood glue. This make all transitions between the foam smoother and less porous.

Voila! Pure silver egg. 

With some weathering and a few LED this egg is ready for a photoshoot. 

Smile to the camera!

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