mandag 13. april 2015

Skyrim Battleaxe Upgrade

When looking back to some of my polder costumes and props it kinda hits me how much I have learned these last years. And it makes me want to upgrade my excisting work. 

My first axe had a nice handle, but the head was aweful. I skipped the details and just made it flat. 

So for my upgrade I will just add more details on top. A quick fix, and I know it would be better if I made it from scratch with worbla and all that. But you know me, I love to recycle (even old props) and using cardboard and cheap foam. So this will be my focus. 

Here I have traced a photo of the ingame axe and carved with a knife the details in foam. These were glued on and every thing was covered in wood glue  to seal it. 

Next up it priming, to get an even color before painting it silver again. 

Then more weathering

And there you go, upgraded, really cheap Skyrim battleaxe. 

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