lørdag 4. april 2015

Radioactive Barrel Easter Egg (Fallout style)

This is the second tutorial for my Fallout style Easter Eggs, the Radioactive Barrel style. See here for the Pip Boy Egg and the Reactor Egg

Again, start with a plain egg. 

Since this egg was very much a freestyle I need to draw up what I wanted it it to look like. And I wanted to keep it simple. 

 With 1 mm craft foam I added details in the shape of the radioactive symbol and lined to resemble a barrel. 

The whole egg was painted bright yellow with acrylic paint. 

Then all the edges and symbols were painted black (again only with acrylic paint) Why acrylic paint you might ask: it is chap and easy to clean of the brushes ;) On the side of the egg I have used my glue gun and let some glue drip down the side of the egg to make it look like radioactive substances were leaking!

Wow, they look so plain! Need more dirt :D

So I used the weathering technique again where I smeared on watered out black acrylic paint and wiped of most of it. 

Then I googled radioactive barrel and thought it looked cool with running dirt. 
Texture from turbosquid.com

The result

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