mandag 10. september 2012

Liara cosplay - making the mold

My head is finished, As described in my previous post about sculpting and it is time to prep the sculpt to make the mold. My plan is to make an inverse mold in plaster, which I will cast my latex head piece in later. Your clay should still be wet and soft at this point. 

Head looking nice

Then I made a dividing wall  out of clay. The first time I made the cast I divided it into four parts. The is not nessesary, so the next time I made it in two parts. 

Also note, this wall is way too low. You shouls have a wall at least 3 cm thick, because you want to make a thick plaster wall. 

I "prepped" the surface with spray on cooking grease, so the clay will let go of the plaster.

1/4 done

To get the mold wall to separate when done I applied (pink) vaseline on the edges of the plaster and added a wall of paper.

Adding dividing wall for two more quadrants.

Here are a few photos of my second try. 

When the plaster is dry, take it off and clean out the clay. This isn't always so easy, so in the next tutorial I will show you how I repaired my first mold after it cracked. 

In my next post I will cover how to finish and repair the mold.