torsdag 18. oktober 2012

Chrix is meeting Bioware

So I won a competition and get to meet Bioware at Gamex in Stockholm this november. And that means fixing up my Tali and Liara cosplay. 

Liara T'Soni cosplay from Mass Effect 3
Asari cosplay
Photo: Jack B. Bauer

When wearing Liara I found some parts that did not work together as well as I hoped. I will make new gauntlets, new and stiffer armor for the front/stomach and I have an idea to make the latex seams on my head smooth out. And I can always improve my makeup. 

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy cosplay from Mass Effect 2
Quarian cosplay
Photo: H. Nyhus

And I want to fix my Tali costume, and this time document the process. I will build a whole new helmet and re-sew the hood, which are the two parts that define Tali (in mt opinion) for the rest of the costume I will mostly tidy up seams and paint. 

Okey, now to start on those late night costume making sessions... again. 

mandag 15. oktober 2012

Liara Cosplay

Hi, I won third place at Desucon: Cosplay - pretty nice! And I won best makeup. 

Here are som pictures of me and Øyvind Krogsrud as Commander Shepard taken by the amazing photographer Dan Michael Løvdahl

Bioware Mass Effect 3 Liara T'Soni Cosplay
Commander Shepard
Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

Liara Shepard romance
Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

I will post more progress pictures soon. And now I know what to do different regarding how I attach the latex hood to my head, the "fixing it after a con" process is starting. 

fredag 5. oktober 2012

Liara Cosplay - Latex pull

Previous post show how to make the mold

My first pull of the latex head piece was better than I thought (my expectations were low) I used "formgummi" from Panduro.  I used ca 0,5 liter for the first pull, and will use a little more for touch ups and making it seamless when attached to my head. 

To fill up the space in the tentacles I willed them with cotton and painted a coat of latex over. This will help keep them in shape. For areas the need reinforcement I embedded paper towels in the liquid latex (which added thickness e.g. the neck) 

Liara head piece

Latex will stick to itself, to avoid this brush baby powder (or potato flour) on the surface. 

As you peel of the pull brush more powder on the outside
Liara latex

First pull, no adjustments. It looks as though my Liara have been in a lot of battles, I will have to do touch up with latex and brush. And I want to try to get the scale pattern more prominent. 

Liara head piece

Close up you can see a hint of scaling.

It needed a lot of touch ups and painting. Use grease based (since acrylic will peel off) 

This is what a couple of years of cosplay preactice does. This one is painted using PAX, which is acrylic paint mixed with pros aide glue (50/50). It will not peel off and you can easily mix the color you need. 

When the base coat of PAX is on I thinnes out acrylic paint with alcohol and shaded and detailed the head piece. Hoping to make a video of this later. 

Here is the tutorial for how to put it on and paint your face.

Next post will show the finished costume.

tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

Liara Cosplay - head mold update

This post continues from this post: Liara making the mold

Ok, it was not as easy to pull of the cast as I had hoped. A lot cracked in the process which meant hours of repair. But I don't give up. My idea was to pull it off i four pieces which I would then glue together. But the clay was really stuck. (hint, don't let the clay dry out)

Back of the neck

As you can see I ended up with alot of cracks in the two pieces at the back which are here glued together. But hope is not lost, this is a job for my favorite filler. 

Voila - or almost. All the sanding eliminated the fine scale details I added to my clay sculpt. 

The mold

My four pieces glued together, sanded and with a sealing coat of clear paint. The next step will be to "slush cast" liquid latex, which means I pour latex into the mold and "slush" it around until it cover all surfaces and is thick enough to pull out of the cast. 

This was how the first mold was repaired. The second mold did not need as much repair and I got more of the scale derails out :)

Next I will show you the result of the latex cast.