onsdag 26. mars 2014

Hosting a contest

To rally people to my first sales stand I launched a facebook competition to give away a free ticket to the con in question: Desucon:Fantasy.

The competition over and the winner was chosen randomly: Ingrid Windsland

The rules are as follow, write a Harry Potter spell (or something) like that in the comment field, and I will pick a random winner from the pile of entries on friday 28.04.14

mandag 17. mars 2014

Fast cosplay - Poison Ivy

I love the villains from Batman, they are well thought out and diverse, I think I have to cosplay all! And Poison Ivy is so fierce, I will start with her look. 

For this "Fast" Poison Ivy costume I already had a red wig, a red shirt and green stockings. 

For practical reasons, a full green body paint is not ideal when you are a guest at a friends house, so I this time I will only show you a simple beauty makeup. 

First up is to put in contacts, for more dramatic effect, I didn't have any green lenses, so I went for big black eyes (even though my own eyes are a bit green).

And then I just tried to make my skin as pale as possible. 
I look so pretty with a wig cap. 

Next up is green eye shadow. Dark green close to the eye and light, bright green around it and in the corner of your eye. I also brought the green down my nose. 

Here are the colors I used. This is a cheap eye shadow set, no spesific brand. But you should choose makeup that sets a strong color. 

I found so few tutorials for lip makeup online, so I figured I would add a few extra steps here. It is so important to add dimention and outline your lips, or else they might look boring. 

I also didn't buy an expensive green lipstick just for this makeup, I used green body paint I had laying around. 

I applied the green makeup with a Q-tip and outlined it with a dark brown eyeliner. The I used the same green eyeshadows as for my eyes to create highlights and shadows. 

Top it off with shiny gloss

Then we are back to the full look
Add more black eyeliner, false lashes and some contouring on you cheeks. 

With red hair comes red eyebrows. Here I used red lipstick and brown eye brow pencil. The one thing I bought specifically for this costume was a few red roses.

And I found a room with better lighting. 

For clothes I used a red shirt in the style of Arkham Asylum and a pair of green leggings with a leather shorts. And my favorite pair of spiked heel shoes. (because roses has thornes)

And done. Super fast Poison Ivy costume. 

And my sister, BettcanardDesign is even more creepy with her Joker cosplay. Tutorial for that makeup will follow on her blog

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