onsdag 21. januar 2015

Cosplay plans for 2015

My plans are ever changing, some I'm making, some I start on and some I never finish. I still like to add this blog post, so in the future I can look back to what I wanted to do.  

Mercy from Overwatch
I really love the trailer and design of all the characters from this game. And as I'm hoping to team up with both Karin Olava and Bettcanard I'm guessing this will happen within six months.

Red from Transistor
I have had her on my list for ages, but I still don't know how to make the sword. If I get cheap access to a laser cutter, it might be doable. 

Vault Dweller - Fallout 3
This was more a "I have some spare time and want to build something" project, and I wanted a Laser Rifle. So why not build the rest of the cosplay also.

Twi'lek X-wing pilot from Star Wars
I want to use my lekku more. This will be more of a fun, not so accurate project. Maybe for May the 4th. Photo is of Ceci Eirriss. 

Dawn from Contrast
Right now I almost hade the same haircut as her. Since I made Bellatrix last year based on me hairdo I can make Dawn this time. Also the game looks amazingly beautiful.

Upgrading my Dovahkiin (again)
I is seriously time to have that winter photoshoot soon, but winter is being not so snowy as I would like so far. 

Pinup little sister.
Or, I just want an ADAM syringe needle. 

Tyrande Whisperwind
I haven't played WOW, because I'm absolutely sure I will become addicted. I do not dare. But I love the character design and want to make a Tyrande costume using cardboard. Gotta have at least one cardboard project a year right ;) Would be fun to make anyways. 

Alice Silk Maiden Dress
I have commissioned Stickweeds crafting and cosplay to make me a Vorpal Blade out of real metal, and a couple of years back I bought in the materials to make the Silk Maiden dress from Alice Madness Returns. 

And since I have such a dynamic list of cosplays I started using the "cosplanner" app. In two weeks my list will look completely different.

søndag 4. januar 2015

1920 Flapper Girl

I love challenges, it is a great way to push myself ;) So when I got a comment on facebook that I should make a Flapper look, I saw it as an opportunity to push my self time wise, not only to make the look, but get together a photoshoot and photo editing, and make another youtube video. 

My Youtube escapade

Thank you for giving me inspiration and motivation. 

The Erring Sisters