mandag 14. september 2015

I now have workspace at a Workshop

"Yeah, I'm just going to work in the workshop". Hihi, I almost feel like a professional propmaker saying this (or just like someone who has way too many props and costume plans to make room for them in her apartment). I now am part of a makerspace workshop in Oslo called Bitraf complete with my own workstation. 

My place (I need a logo on the wall)
Complete with a weird strip of light coming from the celing making my space look heavenly. 

Here I can work on cosplay, store parts and materials, hang out and get help for projects. 

Not to mention all the cool new tools I have at my disposal, laser cutter, 3D printers, cnc mill, turney and so on. 

And proper workshop to do all the dirty work in. 

What is Bitraf?
Best part is that this is a nonprofit workshop and anyone can come visit and work here for free (some tools and features are for members only though). So if you are ever in Oslo and need a place to work on a project or just want to say hi to me or the other enthusiasts working here you are very welcome.

And speaking of the other people hanging out in this workshop, they are teaching me how to program an Arduino, work with silver, to operate the laser cutter and to 3D print. I have almost endless of free courses going on here and so can you. People here can teach you on the spot and there are several courses and workshops arranged all the time. I myself will be hosting several cosplay panels and workshops, I am a strong believer in giving back to the community. 

I seriously hope to see you here sometime :) 

The Erring Sisters