fredag 1. januar 2016

Cosplay Plans for 2016

Day 1 of 2016 and I have so many ideas I can hardly sit still, but I don't know what this years really big cosplay will be. But I'm hoping to enter a competition or two this year also, as well as going to a few event abroad. 

Lady Sif
I can't decide for which version I want to make so I ended up adding a few elements to the equation from my own mind. I have already started working on this costume a while ago, but never saw a deadline. With several Marvel/Hero events coming my way in 2016 I think it is safe to say it will be done very soon.

And I need to make the sword from the movie at least, this replica here is made by Coregeek.

Tyrande Whisperwind
She was on my last last year also, and I really want to let this be my "stretch the low tech methods to the limit" cosplay, which means no worbla or resin or other fancy/expensive/hard to get hold of materials. I won't follow a design specifically I think, again adding details as I feel works.  

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn

I have been secretly gathering materials for some parts of this cosplay too and now it also look like I have time to make her. She will be one that I spend a lot of time on this year. They have even published a cosplay guide <3

Effie Trinket
This might just end up as a makeup or a closet cosplay, but I love her bubbly personality and I enjoy very much to just go around and quote her. 

Misstitched Alice
Or every Alice there is. But I just found the perfect fabric during the Holidays so I might start with this one. My Vorpal Blade need a proper cosplay for a photo shoot.

The Erring Sisters