tirsdag 6. juni 2017

Cosplay on a budget: May

Following up on the 100NOK/10USD/10EUR cosplay challenge. The theme for May was Studio Ghibli. Since it is only a little over a month until I have to have my NCC costume done I didn't have time to work on it now. 

So my temporary contribution is my Monokoke Hime closet cosplay from last year (The closet cosplay challenge)

But What I really wanted to make was Granmamare from Ponyo. And I know my sister has a dream of making Fujimoto

fredag 2. juni 2017

Cosplay on a budget: March

March was so full of Mass Effect Andromeda Hype that the 100NOK/10EUR/10USD challenge theme was simply space. Since I was deep into making my Andromeda PJ's I didn't have time to make another costume. And even though the MEA PJ's is within the space theme it would have been way over budget (fabric is expensive). 

So to do something different I want to make an interpretation of Nyx - the goddess of the night sky. The artwork under is made by Little Paper Forest.

I will totally include a lot of small LED into this project, to twinkle like starts. 

Update: The Nyx costume took a little longer than planned, so to ease my mind I'll say that Stella from Intestalla 5555 will complete my March challenge and Nyx will see the light of day (or night) in 2108.

torsdag 1. juni 2017

Cosplay on a Budget April Challenge

Following up on the 100NOK/10USD/10EUR cosplay challenge. The theme for April was both marvel and Alice in wonderland. Since I made two superheroes for the DC challenge, I wanted to go for Alice this time. Then again, I have a lot of Alice costumes already. 

For the I put together half pieces of the Silk Maiden dress I have wanted to make for ages from Alice Madness Returns. I had the Wig, knife and necklace from the Misstiched dress, And the dress is from my Steampunk Geisha

I have also made several cheap costumes from the Alice universe earlier.

The Red Queen
My main cost for this cosplay was a pack of cards and some cheap red fabric. The crown, wig and makeup I already had :)

Steampunk Alice
One of my Alice look was the steampunk interpretation. The main cost was for the blue fabric for the skirt and hat. The hat itself is made from cardboard, the wig was old and the corset was from my Big Sister cosplay.