torsdag 31. august 2017

Cosplay on a Budget: June

The Theme for June is Pokemon. Even though I am completely in love with the Eeveelutions I am thinking about making a more elegant Bulbasaur Gijinka, like the one Hannah Alexander designed.

Also it helps that I have a green wig ;)

onsdag 30. august 2017

Disney Princess closet cosplay

After taking inventory of all my wigs I realized I could do a closet cosplay of almost every Disney Princess. I told this to my sister and her response was: Oh! I was actually planning on doing advanced makeups of every Disney Villain!. 
So looks like this will be a team project. Hopefully I get to make videos of all of this, and I will not spend any money on making the looks. Which makes this an even more cosplay on a budget project. Hope you will like it :)

Princesses (and other Disney ladies) I am planning to make with corresponding villain made by my sister (hopefully she join when I'm Merida)
  • Snow White - Grimhilde
  • Cinderella - Lady Tremaine
  • Alice - The Queen of Hearts
  • Briar Rose - Malificent
  • Anita - Cruella DeVille
  • Ariel - Ursula
  • Belle - Gaston
  • Jasmine - Jafar
  • Pocahontas  - Ratcliffe
  • Esmeralda - Frollo
  • Megara - Hades
  • Mulan - Shan-Yu
  • Jane - Clayton
  • Kida - Rourke
  • Tiana - The Shadow man
  • Rapunzel - Mother Gothel
  • Merida - A bear! :D
  • Anna - Prince Hans
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