tirsdag 14. november 2017

Cosplay on a Budget November - Original Character Inspired form the Kitchen

The theme for November is a little different, here are the details from Martini's workshop:

November is here! And the theme is Original characters!! Take out your creativity and show off your oc! This time tho it has some criteria to be made: 
1. A 3 sentenced backstory! It can be longer but 3 sentences is minimum
2. 3 different things on the costume! For instance horns, capes, jewelry etc.
3. An object from the kitchen!!!!

So I was thinking of sweets, the sugar plum fairy and inspiration from Sakizou (no way I'm going to get that level of detailing into my costume for 100 NOK, but inspiration is good). I'm excited for this, updates will come later. 

My inspiration
Sakizou artwork

My result
This is my Candy Girl. She is all laughs and sugar. Not a care in the world. She'll be there to bless your baking and and occasionally take the air out of a soufflé