onsdag 30. mai 2018

Behind the sceens of the Wizard Photoshoot

In between making new costumes (and not finishing any of them) I had a photoshoot with my Wizard cosplay together with the insanely talented Cosplay.studio.

As always when travelling and you only wear half your cosplay you feel fantastic. :p And you get a lot of even weirder looks

Even a cosplay Diva must carry her own stuff... That was a looong walk

Setting up equipment, testing light balance and testing poses. These test shoots are actually some of the funnies parts of a shoot.  

As the cosplay diva I am I need to fox my makeup

And to chill with some food (When going to a location for a shoot we often stay for many hours, food and warm clothes are important)

The results
And then the photographers find the perfect light settings, fire up the smoke machines and work their magic. 

 Getting the full effect of colored flashes in a dungeon. 

And just look at the effect of the smoke machines <3 

The Erring Sisters