mandag 3. juni 2013

How to build Vi shoes

This is a tutorial for how I built the shoes for my Vi (League of Legend) cosplay. 

For my first iteration of my Vi costume I didn't have the time to think about the shoes. But now I do, and they need to be ready for Närcon and NCC

These are the shoes on the in game model which I used mostly as a reference. (Again I want the splash art shoes, but they are not visible)
Chrix Design
Ingame model from

I started of with a pair of wedge heels shoes.

On the heel I build up with foam mat pieces.

And added a piece of cardboard over

 Then I build up with foam on the fron of the shoe

 And covered the foam with cardboard.  

Next I took a piece of thin foam (yoga mat, yes really) And covered it with black faux leather. 

And glued that part to the front of the shoe

 Then I covered the heel with the same black faux leather

For texture and detailing I glued on a piece of grey faux leather on each side of the shoe. 

Next up is to clean all the edges and prep the shoes for painting. I will first try to even out the black shade and then detail it with silver spay paint

Silver highlights

More shading

I will do a little more detailing and clean up some edges, but I wanted to post this now :)

In my next post will quickly show how to make Vi goggles. 

For an alternative way to make these shoes check out Shinju who also made a pair of Vi shoes. 

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