søndag 15. september 2013

Lilith Borderlands 2 - making the outfit

The making of this outfit was pretty basic, as I bought several clothes with the aim of re-sewing them. Not that re-sewing is the easiest thing in the world, but Lilith's clothes are torn so you don't have to be so careful in the process. 

The Jacket
Bought a cheap jacket from a Thrift shop. 

 Modified it and added details

Shoulder details

The details are in the game actually leather sewn in, but that took forever. So this is my short cut, net fabric sewn over black skai (faux leather).

The fur collar is dyed yellow using markers and styled using hairspray. (Because it would never stay in place if not)

The top
Was made by modifying a tank top and adding shading and cel shading. 

The color is a little off; I will fix that in the next iteration. 

The Cardigan
The yellow cardigan is made from plain yellow fabric, with a zipper and a lot of shading. 

The leg pouch
It is just a cardboard box with black skai (faux leather). Then I added a piece of foam and a tube with blue el wire (so it lights up).

 That's all the photos I have. Keep asking questions. 

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  1. Hi, love the outfit! I've been looking everywhere but there really isn't a tutorial on what to use when cel-shading clothing. Did you just use a marker for yours or some sort of fabric paint.

    1. Hi, I was short on time so I just used a regular marker, but that will "bleed" when washed. I would reccomend a fabric marker where you just iron the fabric to set the color.

  2. Hey, great job at the cosplay! I wanna do a lilith cosplay too this year, was wondering what you did about the metal protection on the boots :)

  3. Hi, i was wondering if you were interested in commission work?

    if so i need a Handsome jack costume Asap.

  4. Great job! I was thinking of doing a lillith and this is a perfect way to get me over those pre cosplay making jitters. Did that tank top actually have two seams on the front, or is that just your brilliant cell shading?

    1. Also, what alterations did you make to it?

    2. Hi.
      For the tank top I added sleeves to one side and sew to straight lines down the front. Then I added cell shading to it. I aldo sew up that small portion on the hem to make it stay up.

  5. This is help me so much. Thanks a lot ❤❤❤