onsdag 6. november 2013

Morrigan feather brooch

Well of course I have to add a small tutorial for the feather Brooch Morrigan wears in the trailer. And I was happy when I saw this, I almost never get to work with feathers. See tutorial for the dress, necklace and corset here.


And I tried to take a close up of the brooch, but as you might know, there are very few reference photos. 

I am going to make this one mostly out of worbla, and I will only use scraps and leftovers from other projects (you can use all pieces of a worbla sheet you know)

Step one is still to cut out the general shape in cardboard (ah, my trusted cardboard)

And simply cover it with worbla and adding details. 

Following the low tech road, I have just attached two safety pins (using worbla and not glue)

When I'm satisfied with the shape I prime it with gesso

(gesso must be sanded down)

Now we jump ahead a few steps, the brooch have been sanded, spray painted gold and the feathers are added using hot glue gun (six of them, three black and three with a shiny green tint).

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