tirsdag 26. mars 2013

Protoss Pylon Easter Egg

My new easter tradition is to make an easter egg for my boyfriend inspired by geek culture. Last year I made the portal turret easter egg. Portal easter egg

And since he is a StarCraft player I made a Protoss Pylon style. 

My rule is to use an ordinary easter egg as a base - and it must contain candy.  

I started out with cardboard mockups which I later covered with paper clay.

Then we skip a few steps because of missing pictures. The parts below are hand sculpted out of paper clay and spray painted gold. 

Then a layer of blue

Then some more light blue details

And some finishing touches

Then it is the impossible task to make a easter egg like this look like a crystal. I didn't succeed 100% but hey, there is candy inside. 

For the paint job I started off with a white base while adding light blue detailing with a sponge. 

And darker blue shading. 

Put it together and I hope you see the resemblance.

Happy easter

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