mandag 8. juli 2013

Sea Goddess - Making the staff of Kraken

I got several comments that my new Kraken Staff looked a lot like my Elvish Staff. I might see their point, but when you hold them together I hope you see the difference. 

The method I used is very similar to how I made the first staff. 

The core of a roll of paper cloth (yes I have many of those, because you never know when you want to make a Gatling gun)

The tentacles here are made with strips of foam mat covered in aluminum foil, to help keep it in shape. 

Then you glue them to the staff.

This time I wanted a larger orb with more lights. And I am looking for an easy way all the time. So I used a Christmas orb with integrated light that runs on batteries. The battery pack I hid inside the staff core with the switch reachable. The orb was frosted with a thin layer of white spray paint. 
Test assembly with orb

With the orb glued in place I covered all the tentacles with paper clay

For the staff I did not use cheerios, but every sucker is hand sculpted. 

The painting
For the Elvish staff I used a technique where I first paint a light color and then smear a darker color over which sets in the creases, called weathering.

The the Goddess Staff I use a little different technique. I first painted the tentacles a lighter orange/brown color. Then I used a sponge to add and feather a darker brown on all the "highest" ridges of the tentacles. The suckers were painted lighter orange/pink with feathered edges to the main color. Shadows and depth were added with darker colors in and around the suckers. 

The tentacles were blended in with the rest of the staff using a sponge and the weathering technique. I wanted the rest of the staff to have a colder, rock quality, so the tentacles would really stand out. 

Even more details. 
Down the length of the staff I added several details. Like Balanidae and sea stars which I made out of clay, and different sea weed made out of hot glue. 

Summoning Kraken

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  1. Svar
    1. hihi, thank you. This comment made my day :)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I was wondering if maybe you'd link to the Christmas orb you used?

    1. Thank you. I have been trying to find it online, but no luck :( Sorry.

  3. I just have to ask that you wrote that you can still change the batteries but where on earth have you hidden it that it's unseen but you can still change it?

    And I just love the costume the staffs EVERYTHING!!! ♥ :)

    1. For this staff I was in a "fuck it" mood, So I cannot easily change the batteries. The battery pack is hidden mostly in the hollow core of the staff with one of the tentacles covering it. So when these batteries go out, it might take a little work to change them (if I even bother, still looks nice without the light on) But I have learned the all batteries and switches muct be easily accessible.

      And thank you for loving ^_^ I really want to make another "mer folk" design sometimes.

  4. Both staves are beautiful! Wish I had the time and talent to create something so wonderful.
    Also, for people looking for those orbs, consider using floating pool lights, such as the ones here:

    1. That is a really good idea, thank you for sharing :D

  5. Your techniques have been very helpful in helping me make my own Gandalf/ Radagast type staff.
    Thank you, and here are some pictures:

    1. Looks really good, love the texture you made and how you got Such a great color for dried wood

  6. This is the technique I used for the texture and coloring.

  7. How sturdy is the paper clay on the aluminum foil? And the elvish staff, was the paper clay sturdy without the foil?