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BioShock Infinite Salt - how to make

For my quick Elizabeth cosplay earlier I made a Salt bottle, using trash as usual. See this post for how to make a easy bird or cage broch

Note my bottle is not 100% screen accurate, but it's good enough for a quick prop. Other ways to make a salt bottle is with paper craft, making one out of paper. 

Or you can do it my way. 
It is not 100% correct, but very cheap and easy to do. 

Step one was to print two sets of this Salt bottle picture in color. Cut out a circle around the ornaments from the stopper/cork and the label. 

And then gather a soap bottle in the right shape (ish).

Clean it and remove the label. Then you paint the inside of the wall with glue and blue glitter. I used both glitter glue and loose glitter (bought at Panduro in Norway).

And then glue on the label from the printed salt bottle (I used double sided tape).

The cork
I used the cork from the soap bottle as a base to I could close the bottle entirely (so no glitter will fall out) but still be able to open it so I can insert blue LED lights.

So to the soap bottle cork I clued on to pieces of card board in the oval shape shown under. In between I added a piece of foam in the same size. 

To make the edges smooth I added paper clay and sanded it down. Then it was painted blue and the ornament labels I cut out earlier was glued on. 

At the base I painted the cork brown. As you can see the method is not the most sturdy. Since I threw this bottle at Booker many times at a convention and it fell on the ground several times. But for just standing on a shelf it works fine. 

And now to use it - Booker, need Salt?
The Booker in the video is cosplayed by Hadley Cosplay

And in the end of the day I can put it together with some of my other props in my living room.
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  1. I love this idea! I'm going as Elizabeth to a convention in a couple weeks. Let me ask, how exactly did you put the LED lights in? You never fully explained that. What sort of light did you use, was it loose in the bottle or attached to the lid, etc?

    1. The LED I was going to use was too big. But to glue it to the lid would be the best Ides, way easier to get out. Good luck building it :)