fredag 2. mai 2014

Adjutant shoulder armor.

Not the biggest piece, but here it is. The shoulder armor for my Adjutant. 

For more tutorials for the Adjutant Cosplay see these: Head PieceChest/back armor and other parts. 

Shoulders Again this is worbla wrapped around a cardboard base, and I shaped the top over an easter egg I had laying around.

For the circular shape I used a hair product box and shaped the worbla over it.

Added a few LED

More Gesso. 

Silver base paint and black wash. Details with acrylic paint and silver marker. Four 3mm orange LED for each shoulder. Finished off with a clear coat. 

The shoulders are attached to the chest armor with this Velcro solution and D-rings, keeping both the chest, back and arms together.  

This piece actually holds the chest and back armor together over the shoulders as well, so the shoulder armor won't slide down because it is then attached to the upper body armor. 

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