mandag 20. oktober 2014

Skyrim armor - leveling in smithing

After a while your costumes will start to break and you need to fix them up, or you realize you have learned more and see how it can be improved. Like in real life leveling in smithing. Previously I have redone my entire Tali and Vi cosplay, now it is time to redo my Dovahkiin armor. 

I want to be more true to the studded armor set this time. 
Studded armor from 

Studded armor
There are always more details to add. Here I have sewn wide stings along all the sides. 

And I added more fabric and fur to the top

I have mixed between using a iron (steel) cuirass or an old corset, non who were actually the correct part of the armor. So a new corset-belt is being made. 

Photo: Tom Vidar Johannssen

 Photo by Danarki

Photo by Danarki

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