søndag 10. mai 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, come closer, come closer. Tonight, for one night only, we present Cirque de Chrix!

I was invited as a cosplay guest to Red Room Ball, a fetish event in Oslo. This was my first time at an event like this, so I needed a concept for what to wear as latex isn't my thing (unless it is applied as a zombie makeup). I remembered that my mother had bought me this amazing tail coat a while back. So ringmaster it is, closet cosplay style. 

My jacket is black and the traditional ringmaster do wear something red... hey! My Codex corset is red, let's resew that one. 

Strip away the gems

And add some show style ;)

And a top hat, I really need a top hat for this. 

I saw this amazing Harley Quinn makeup by Julia Graf, the color scheme match me perfectly. 

And there you go, a fast way to cosplay a Ringmaster. And I had the best time at the Red Room Ball, so open, understanding and unique people <3

4 kommentarer:

  1. you and your amazing creative hands.... they never rest, do they?..
    looks RAD! i like the style!

    1. Thank you, I love the style myself and will surely wear it again :D

  2. OsloFetishWeekend loved having you!