mandag 23. november 2015

Little sister from Bioshock

It is no secret that I love this game series. And when my sister wanted to wear her Big Daddy for Spillexpo she had no difficulty to convince me to join as a Little Sister. This was I could hold her hand and guide her (hard to see and move in such a large costume) and it would just look as though I was an eager Little Sister. 

The dress
When I made Shock from The Nightmare Before Christmas I made sure to sew the dress to I could reuse it for a future Little Sister project. 

Old dress

Updated dress
I added a collar, trim to the sleeves, buttons to the front and back as well as weathering. I didn't have too much time, so I can definitely upgrade the weathering later #moreGrit

The Apron
I sewed a white corset with the apron skirt sewed right into it. I made it as a corset because I think the apron will sag if I don't. I also dyed the entire apron in a bucket of tea, to get an uneven stained look. Then I used watered out acrylic paint to get the more prominent stains. Here's tutorial for how to sew a corset including pattern making. For this corset I used el strips as plastic boning. 

The Adam syringe. 
I have written a more elaborate tutorial for this build. 

The look
I already had the wig from two years back when I first thought of cosplaying a Little Sister. At least I think that was the reason I bought it. I might have used it for Chell in the mean time though, I can't let a wig just lay there :)

The finished result. 

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  1. Woaah that's so cool! I love the weathering effect! Do you have any tutorial how to do it?
    Doing pair cosplays is always so much fun too. ♥ And it's even nicer when it has the added bonus of helping each other move around in the costumes. :)

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    1. Thank you. Maybe I should do a more eleborate weathering post :) For some reason time keeps slipping away at the last stage of the build process and I often lack photos then :p