onsdag 20. september 2017

Sombra Jackets

Sombra! This years big project and what a costume I ended up with. The design is gorgeous to start off with and so many amazing details. So let's start on how I made the jackets. I chose to make the sleeves and turtle neck as an inner jacket (sporty style). And the rest as one coherent outer jacket. I have seen some make the teal part a included with an inner jacket, but if you look closely on the photo of her crouching you can see that the teal parts are just panels on the bigger jacket. 

Let's starts with the inner jacket. 
Since We cannot see more than the arms and neck I took some liberties to design a bit my self. So I ended up with princess seams and a logo on the back. Also a zipper front. This way it is easy to take on and off, and I will cool even without the larger jacket. 

The patterned Ombre fabric had to be printed by a custom fabric print shop. I made the graphics in Illustrator and orderes Lycra from bagsoflove.co.uk

details on the arms are made from black vinyl. 

And then we have the larger jacket
And this is very architectural construction come into play. Because this jacket defies gravity and is heavy with details. 

Patterning the bodice

I chose a dark purple heavy nylon fabric and a soft backing material to build up structure. I have seen people make it of black faux leather, but I made my jacket based of the in game model, which has a purple smooth surface. 

The front overlaps

While the back and breast area is shaped with darts. (you can actually see the breast darts on the model, so yeay, right pattern) 

Next up is the huge stand up collar. First I found the shape for the pattern by making cardboard mockup.

Mockup tranferred to pattern paper.

The layers of the collar is: a layer of 2 mm foam in the middle for support. Purple nylon and backing material to the outer side and the same custom printed lycra for lining. 
Backing material

Purple nylon

2 mm craft foam

Lining material. 

Sewn together, with silvery grey pleather as edge details. 

Next up: gravity defying skirt
I have seen a couple of takes in this, but the version that worked best for me was making it as a half moon skirt and sew it into the bodice. For structure I used 2 mm craft foam which I sewed plastic boning onto. 

This was was then covered with the purple nylon and same backing material and attached to the bodice. 

Here you can also see how I used masking tape to make the pattern for the silver cowl piece. The cowl was first sewn a s a separate piece, fully lined which was then sewed onto the jacked matching the collar and edges. 

To be able to put it all together I needed to make the teal parts. Since these had to be teal on both sides I made the separate at first and then sewed them onto the purple jacket. (this was I could sew the final lining around the teal part.  

It took several test fitting before I found the correct placement of the teal part.  

Ok, the placement is great, but the jacket is kinda imploding in the zipper area in front and a little in the purple/teal transition in the back. This I solved bu adding a supporting material sewn into the lining (made out of worbla). More photos of that later, first a few more details. 

The belt and translocators
The three translocators on the best was made by handsculpting, silicon molding and resin casting. 

To the left is a cast with polymoph, to the right the case cast in resin. 

Light were embedded into the casts and they were attached onto the belt. The best is made from worbla to be able to get the right shape. 

The backpack. 
This was made the same way as the smaller translocators. Hand sculpting, silicon molding and resin casting. it was made by slush casting, which is to say liquid resin was poured into the mold and slushed around until it covers all surfaces and cured. 

Plaster jacket mold, to keep the silicon in place. 


The finished jacket


The full cosplay
The photo is a cooperation between Cosplay Studio, Reflective photography and Jacob Photo 

The photo is a cooperation between Cosplay Studio, Reflective photography and Jacob Photo 

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  2. How much did this cost in the long run?

    1. I spent at least 800-900 USD in materials for this costume (but it could have been more) You can easily make it cheaper though, I wanted to try out a lot of new techniques and such