fredag 22. september 2017

Sombra Leggings and shoes

I totally love the style of the legging and the fact that she has flat shoes. Still they took a bit of engineering to construct them, with the pattern, black panels and separate toes. 

I used the same fabric that I ordered for the inner jacket. The graphics were made in Illustrator and the fabric printed from BagsofLove

This was also the first time I used an Overlock.

Which took several tries to get right. 

But the first test leggings were a success. And I now love to sew with an overlock. 

The black applique were sewn on with a twin needle, and the effect is lovely. 

And then for the shoes. I had an old pair of ballerina flats which I detached from the soles. Then I added hot glue details as toes. 

The first pair was too uncomfortable, so the toes got transferred to another pair

I added "socks" of the custom printed fabric and glued the soles on. 

The ankle details are made from latex. 

The effect is really cool. 
Photo by Polly Cosplay Photography

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